Friday, 20 December 2013

Messi hits out at Barcelona vice-president

Messi hits out at Barcelona vice-president

Lionel Messi has hit out at Barcelona vice-president Javier Faus in the wake of the latter's comments that the Argentina international will not be offered an improved deal any time soon.

A number of recent reports suggested that the prolific attacker had requested a pay-rise which would make him the best-paid player in La Liga again, prompting Faus to stress that Barca have no intention to hand Messi a new deal hardly a year after his previous extension.

However, Messi has insisted that he never asked for a new deal and has hit out at Faus for his lack of football knowledge.

"Faus is a person who does not know anything about football," Messi told RAC1.

"He tries to run Barcelona like a business, but this is a football club. Barcelona are the best club in the world and should also have the best directors in the world.

"I have never asked for a new contract and neither has any of my representatives."

The 26-year-old also took the time to discuss recent allegations that his foundation is involved in a money laundering scandal and stressed that he has not done anything wrong.

"I haven't read anything myself, but my family has told me what's being said. I deeply regret these allegations because everything we earn with these games goes to charity."

Messi is currently recovering from a hamstring injury in Argentina. 

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