Sunday, 15 December 2013

Tickets Prices for World Cup 2014 Brazil

Tickets Prices for World Cup 2014 Brazil

Tickets for the Fifa 2014 Brazil World Cup were announced with football's governing body partially delivering on their promise of making them the "cheapest ever".

Students, the over 60s and those on social welfare programmes in the host nation will be able to purchase tickets for as little as US$15 for the group stages, a 25% drop on the cheapest tickets available at South Africa 2010.

Other Brazilians will be able to purchase group stage tickets for US$30 and the host nation will have access to at least 400,000 discounted tickets of the total 3 million available.

Fifa's ticket prices for the most recent finals attracted a lot of criticism as many poorer South Africans were unable to attend the games; hence the drop in price.

It remains to be seen if the reduced price will be enough given the state of unrest in Brazil during the recent Confederations Cup.

For overseas fans, however, the cost of attending matches in Brazil has risen. In South Africa the cheapest group stage tickets clocked in at US$80. In Brazil, traveling fans will have to fork out at least US$90 for the privilege of watching their team.

US$90 gets you a category C seat; a category A seat will cost as much as US$175.

Tickets for the June 12 opening match in Sao Paulo will start at US$220 for overseas fans rising all the way to US$495.

Category C seats for the showpiece final on July 13 start at the princely sum of US$440 and peak at US$990 for fans traveling to Brazil.

Tickets will go on sale globally on August 20.

In addition, Fifa have set aside an additional 450,000 tickets for corporate sponsors.

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