FIFA World Cup 2022 Theme Song Download Mp3 ❤️

Download mp3 and hd of fifa world cup 2022 anthem song, Download mp or hd video of the world cup theme song.
FIFA World Cup 2022 Theme Song download: 🎧The most awaited song is out now. 😍 

The FIFA World Cup 2022 Official Song complete details are below with the download link for MP3.

FIFA officially released the official theme song for the world cup 2022. 

Below we have the complete details about FIFA World Cup Song.

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😊Here you will get the complete details about the song you can download the mp3 version of the song, also you can download an HD video of the official theme song, and know more about the singer and the song like its title, length, or duration and people associated.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Theme Song Download Mp3
FIFA World Cup Official Song

🏈The official anthem song of the FIFA world cup will be played at the opening ceremony of the FIFA world cup which is on 22nd  November 2022 in Qatar.

The official song is released in a different language, especially in the native language of the hosted country, and ya not forget it is released in English mainly. 

This year Qatar is hosting the world cup so it is obvious that the song will be out in the Qatar language and in English too.

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So from below you can easily download the world cup 2022 theme song in either mp3 song or in HD Video format.

Also, we have given we have provided complete details about the theme song of the world cup with singers and Songwriters' names and others details.

About 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar

Qatar was awarded the hosting right in the year 2010 to host the world cup 2022  which is the 22nd world cup. 

This year the world cup has a total of 32 qualified national football teams including Qatar. 

All the 32 teams are divided into different groups. 

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There are a total of 8 groups from group A to Group H. 👍Each group has 4 teams in it.  

Each Group consists of 4 national football teams and each team from each group will play 3 matches with each other of the same group. 

The 3 matches played by the team will decide which team will qualify for the next round in the FIFA world cup 2022. 

If you are from United State and living in the state of Hawaii you can check out FIFA Schedule in Honolulu Time, which we already converted from Arabian Standard Time to USA Time. 

The world cup 2022 will start on 21st November. On 21st November there will be an opening ceremony and the first world cup match will be played in Al Bayt Stadium. 

The first match will be between Qatar and Ecuador. The final world cup match will be played in Lusail Iconic Stadium on 18 December, the match will be played between Winner Match 61 vs Winner Match 62.  

2022 FIFA Official Song details

SongHayya Hayya (Better Together)
ReleasedApril 1, 2022
GenreR&B Soul
LabelUniversal Music
ComposerTrinidad Cardona, Davido, RedOne
LyricistTrinidad Cardona, Steph, Nadir Khayat, Pat Devine, Mehdi Bouamer, Adil Khayat

FIFA World Cup 2022 theme song download

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2022 FIFA world cup official HD video

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FIFA world cup 2022 song lyrics

Hayya, Hayya, Hayya (Yeah)
Hayya, Hayya, Ha— (You know what it is)
Hayya, Hayya, Hayya
Hayya, Hayya, Ha— (Redwood)

Hayya, Hayya, Hayya
Hayya, Hayya, Ha—
Hayya, Hayya, Hayya
Hayya, Hayya, Ha—

{Verse 1}
I wanna walk the walk on every street
I wanna ball out with the world at my feet
Hit every discotheque and not skip a beat, eh, eh
I wanna party, party eight days a week

I promise I promise, I promise you now
Everything, everything gonna work out
Every tomorrow, no matter what goes down
I promise I promise, I promise you now
Gonna be, gonna be sticking around
Every tomorrow, no matter what goes down

फीफा विश्व कप 2022 गाने के बोल

हय्या, हय्या, हय्या (हाँ)
हय्या, हय्या, हा- (आप जानते हैं कि यह क्या है)
हय्या, हय्या, हय्या
हय्या, हय्या, हा- (रेडवुड)

हय्या, हय्या, हय्या
हय्या, हय्या, हा-
हय्या, हय्या, हय्या
हय्या, हय्या, हा-

{छंद 1}
मैं हर गली में चलना चाहता हूँ
मैं अपने पैरों पर दुनिया के साथ गेंद करना चाहता हूं
हर डिस्कोथेक को मारो और एक हरा मत छोड़ो, एह, एह
मैं पार्टी करना चाहता हूं, सप्ताह में आठ दिन पार्टी करता हूं

मैं वादा करता हूं, मैं वादा करता हूं, मैं अब आपसे वादा करता हूं
सब कुछ, सब कुछ काम करने वाला है
हर कल, चाहे कुछ भी हो जाए
मैं वादा करता हूं, मैं वादा करता हूं, मैं अब आपसे वादा करता हूं
होने वाला है, आस-पास चिपका रहेगा
हर कल, चाहे कुछ भी हो जाए

So, finally, I hope we have provided you with the complete details of the FIFA world cup 2022 official song

FIFA World Cup 2022 which will be held in Qatar delivered its true soundtrack - Hayya (Better Together) by craftsmen Trinidad Cardona, Davido, and Aisha.

This will be whenever the competition's soundtrack first will highlight a multi-tune assortment, with worldwide craftsmen exhibiting different melodic kinds that range the world, establishing the vibe for a genuinely worldwide festival.

In a proclamation delivered, the overseeing collection of football expressed that with the declaration of the single and the authority soundtrack, it keeps on expanding on the FIFA Sound technique reported in mid-2021 and to associate with crowds overall through the common interests of football and music.

The amusement system was imagined to make imaginative and significant associations between football fans, music devotees, players, craftsmen, and the game and tunes they all adoration.

"At the point when I previously heard the tune, I was quickly set feeling great, It's a festival, it typifies everything the FIFA World Cup represents. Individuals from one side of the planet to the other meeting up, and I simply love that message," said Trinidad Cardona.

"I'm honored and respected to exist in these astonishing times, where I get to observe and be essential for this gigantic achievement for my nation, Qatar. The tune's message of fellowship and delight impacted me as bliss was available with us all through the excursion of making this melody. It is a little glimpse of heaven to perform for the FIFA World Cup the last draw and be essential for a particularly significant tune," Cardona added.

"By uniting voices from the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East, this melody represents how music - and football - can join the world," said FIFA Chief Commercial Officer Kay Madati. "As a feature of FIFA's redone music methodology, the multi-tune soundtrack will carry energetic fans nearer to the soul of the FIFA World Cup more than ever," he added.

Now I guess you can easily download the mp3 and as well the HD video. Do comment down if you are facing any issues or even if you want to know more about the FIFA Anthem song.  To know more about the FIFA world cup apart from the world cup 2022 theme song.