How to Resale FIFA World Cup 2022 Tickets ๐Ÿ’ฌ Complete guide

If you are looking for details about how to resale FIFA tickets or to resale FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets. So you can sell it at the face value.
Please note that tickets cannot be canceled or returned once FIFA has successfully processed the payment for the tickets. 

However, you can submit your ticket for resale on the FIFA official resale platform.

Well many Football fans who have already got the FIFA 2022 Qatar Tickets are wondering if they can resale the FIFA tickets or not. 

So the simple answer is yes you can but there are terms and conditions for that.

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If you have bought or bought a FIFA Qatar ticket and wish to resale it for any reason. Then there is only one way to resale it. 

You can submit the ticket on the FIFA resale platform for replacing the ticket. 

Resale FIFA ticket

If you already have FIFA 2022 tickets and want to sell them then you can but the price of the ticket should not be more than the face value of the tickets. 

Once a ticket holder resales the ticket to a guest at the face value of the ticket the guest is not allowed to again sell it to someone else or cannot transfer the ticket to another person. 

If anyone does the same will be against FIFA tickets policy, which is punishable. 

Resale FIFA tickets 2022 world cup 

Anyway, for more information about FIFA tickets or resale FIFA tickets, you can contact FIFA via the contact form or you can also call on this number +974 4144 2022 for Qatari residents, or +41 565 512 022 for international customers.

Note that is not necessary for the name to be the same on the Fan ID card and on the ticket. 

You just need a fan ID for Qatar and FIFA tickets to watch a live match. Even if the name on the ticket is different it is ok. 

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Therefore resale of FIFA tickets is allowed at the face value only. FIFA tries to control the sale of FIFA tickets higher than face value. 

And if you are reselling your FIFA ticket on the FIFA resale platform the price of the ticket will be a little less. For example for Russia FIFA, FIFA's resale tickets were done at 10% less which means if you buy FIFA tickets at $200 and when you resale the same you will lose $20.

 Can FIFA tickets be resold?

Yes, you can resale FIFA World Cup tickets. To resale FIFA tickets you have to submit your tickets to FIFA's official resale platform and the ticket will be resale either at face value or 10% less. 

Are FIFA tickets transferable?

The answer is no, you cannot transfer your ticket to someone else if you are not able to attend the match. What you can do is resale FIFA tickets on the official FIFA resale platform.

FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets price in India

Well, the price of FIFA tickets for all county is the same. The only difference is currency. For example, FIFA 2022 is hosted in Qatar. So the ticket price will be in Qatar currency. So in that case you just need to convert the Qatar currency to the Indian rupees to get the exact price of the ticket. 

Can you resell your FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets? 

Many soccer world cup fans who got tickets online from FIFA website are looking to resale or resell FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets as they are unable to attend the match. 

If you are looking to resell your FIFA World Cup 2022 ticket and looking for a way to do it then let us tell you that you are not supposed to resell the ticket or auction it unlike FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia. 

But don't worry there are your tickets and your money will not be wasted. There is a way to resell FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets. 

FIFA have announced that they will open up the FIFA resell platform where you can submit your tickets for resale. 

The resell platform will open from 16 November 2022 and it will be open till the last match that is 18 December 2022. Reselling of any tickets is possible till the kickoff time for the particular match. 

Please note that there will be resell charge which is two Qatari Riyals (2 QAR) or it can be five percent (5%) of the ticket face value paid by the original ticket purchaser when they have purchased the tickets. 

Once the tickets is resold the refund to the original purchaser will be processed within 30 working days till the end of the resell platform. 

So that's all about resale FIFA ticket 2022. However if you have anything other than this you can comment down.