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Work Cup 2022: dates and times UK

 People living in the United Kingdom refer to the British Summertime which is also known as GMT for other countries. Therefore, people in the UK and other GMT time zone countries can follow the FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule below. 

We have converted Qatar time schedule to UK or United Kingdom time zone which is London time or BST and also known as GMT in other countries like Antarctica, Burkian Faso, Gambia, Ghana, Greenland, Guernsey, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Ivory Coast, Jersey, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo. 

FIFA World Cup Schedule in UK Time

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So above mention countries can also follow the schedule provided below. The FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule is converted from Qatar time which is Arabian Time.

Work Cup 2022: dates and times UK

21-NovemberQatar VS Ecuador9:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
21-NovemberSenegal VS Netherlands3:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
21-NovemberEngland VS Iran6:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
21-NovemberUSA VS Wales/Scotland/Ukraine12:00 AMAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
22-NovemberFrance VS Peru/Australia/UAE12:00 AMAl Janoub Stadium
22-NovemberDenmark VS Tunisia6:00 PMEducation City Stadium
22-NovemberMexico VS Poland9:00 PMStadium 974
22-NovemberArgentina VS Saudi Arabia3:00 PMLusail Stadium
23-NovemberBelgium VS Canada12:00 AMAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
23-NovemberSpain VS Costa Rica/New Zealand
9:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
23-NovemberGermany VS Japan6:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
23-NovemberMorocco VS Croatia3:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
24-NovemberSwitzerland VS Cameroon3:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
24-NovemberUruguay VS South Korea6:00 PMEducation City Stadium
24-NovemberPortugal VS Ghana9:00 PMStadium 974
24-NovemberBrazil VS Serbia12:00 AMLusail Stadium
25-NovemberIran VS Wales/Scotland/Ukraine3:00 PMAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
25-NovemberQatar VS Senegal6:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
25-NovemberNetherlands VS Ecuador9:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
25-NovemberEngland VS USA12:00 AMAl Bayt Stadium
26-NovemberTunisia VS Peru/Australia/UAE3:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
26-NovemberPoland VS Saudi Arabia6:00 PMEducation City Stadium
26-NovemberFrance VS Denmark9:00 PMStadium 974
26-NovemberArgentina VS Mexico12:00 AMLusail Stadium
27-NovemberJapan VS Costa Rica/New Zealand3:00 PMAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
27-NovemberBelgium VS Morocco6:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
27-NovemberCroatia VS Canada9:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
27-NovemberSpain VS Germany12:00 AMAl Bayt Stadium
28-NovemberSerbia VS Cameroon3:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
28-NovemberSouth Korea VS Ghana6:00 PMEducation City Stadium
28-NovemberBrazil VS Switzerland 9:00 PMStadium 974
28-NovemberPortugal VS Uruguay12:00 AMLusail Stadium
29-NovemberEngland VS Wales/Scotland/Ukraine12:00 AMAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
29-NovemberIran VS USA12:00 AMAl Thumama Stadium
29-NovemberEcuador VS Senegal8:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
29-NovemberNetherlands VS Qatar8:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
30-NovemberDenmark VS Peru/Australia/UAE8:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
30-NovemberTunisia VS France8:00 PMEducation City Stadium
30-NovemberPoland VS Argentina12:00 AMStadium 974
30-NovemberSaudi Arabia VS Mexico12:00 AMLusail Stadium
1-DecemberCroatia VS Belgium8:00 PMAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
1-DecemberCanada VS Morocco8:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
1-DecemberJapan VS Spain12:00 AMKhalifa International Stadium
1-DecemberCosta Rica/New Zealand VS Germany12:00 AMAl Bayt Stadium
2-DecemberGhana VS Uruguay8:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
2-DecemberSouth Korea VS Portugal8:00 PMEducation City Stadium
2-DecemberSerbia VS Switzerland 12:00 AMStadium 974
2-DecemberBrazil VS Cameroon12:00 AMLusail Stadium
Round of 16
3-December1A VS 2B8:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
3-December1C VS 2D12:00 AMAhmad Bin Ali Stadium
4-December1B VS 2A12:00 AMAl Bayt Stadium
4-December1D VS 2C8:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
5-December1E VS 2F8:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
5-December1G VS 2H12:00 AMStadium 974
6-December1F VS 2E8:00 PMEducation City Stadium
6-December1H VS 2G12:00 AMLusail Stadium
9-DecemberW49 VS W5012:00 AMLusail Stadium
9-DecemberW53 VS W548:00 PMEducation City Stadium
10-DecemberW51 VS W5212:00 AMAl Bayt Stadium
10-DecemberW55 VS W568:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
Semi Finals
13-DecemberW57 VS W5812:00 AMLusail Stadium
14-DecemberW59 VS W6012:00 AMAl Bayt Stadium
17-DecemberL61 VS L628:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
18-DecemberW61 VS W628:00 PMLusail Stadium

The Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 will be starting on 21 November and the World Cup will end on 18 December 2022. This year the FIFA World Cup is hosted by Qatar. This is the first FIFA World Cup to be played in the winter season.  Also, check the Schedule in Malaysia's time

We have also made a PDF file of the FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule. You can Download the FIFA World Cup Schedule PDF below. Which is converted for the UK and other countries that follow GMT time Greenwich Mean Time.


The FIFA World Cup 2022 consists of a total of 64 matches including the FIFA Final match. From the next FIFA World Cup which will be FIFA 2026, there will be 48 teams as of now there are in total of 32 teams including Qatar the host nation.

What time will World Cup 2022 be in the UK?

FIFA has confirmed that the first match will be on 21st November 2022 at 9pm UK time and the second match at 3pm united kingdom time which is BST or also known as GMT.

Will the World Cup 2022 be on ITV?

Yes, the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be broadcast on ITV and the BCC tv channel. So you can turn on ITV or BCC channel to watch FIFA live match